A Traditional Craft of Aichi

Owarishippo (cloisonne ware)
Bringing the skills together -- A tradition of brilliance


Refined and luxurious Owarishippo goods are manufactured through separate processes mostly in domestic factories. Every piece of craftwork, the fruit of original technique, has been highly evaluated and loved by many people.

In order to transmit the structure culture and history of Owarishippo which differ from those of other ceramic ware, Shippo Town Shippoyaki Manufactures Cooperative and Nagoya Shippo Cooperative are working together on promotional activities for securing, training and encouraging successors.

Materials traditionally used
  1. Foundation: copper plate or silver plate
  2. Wiring: silver wire, brass wire, or copper wire
  3. Glaze: silica rock, red lead, niter and other materials of similar quality
Manufacturing districts
Nagoya City,
Shippo Town in Ama County, and Nishibiwajima Town in Nishikasugai County
Date when designated as a traditional craft
April 5, 1995
Numbers of business establishments and workers
20 establishments and 160 workers
Major products
Flower vases, incense burners, frames, ornamental dishes, and jewelry boxes