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        The Consulting on the management information system


        We totally support design & development & application of the

        business system for the distribution and processing industry.


Product introduction

◎ Our company supplies the original software for the special steal distribution and processing industry.

            You can order the materials in the spot time simultaneously  when the materials are lentetal by the feature of the display the stock quantity information when your customers order.

            Improvement of the function

            The software contains the rich function for order received and your order processing.

            Our company supports the construction of  the labor-saving  system.

◎Our company offers the systems for the production part processing industry.

We totally support the construction of the management information system of  your company. And we  respond sufficiently to your expectation and zeal with which you aim at being the excellent company.

Are you satisfied with the present computer system in the operation?

   Some questions on  the business processing  in the distribution and processing industry

   Do you have a solution of the following problems?

Q1.  Do you postpone an arrival of goods or a shipment until the producer unit price and the consumer unit price is decided?

Q2.  Are you able to grasp the stock quantity after an arrival of goods or a shipment at the real time ?

Q3.  Do you register the arrival of goods after the registration to the parts master and stock master of the  database table, when a new part is orderd or a new part's specifications and measurements are changeed?

Do you able to prevent a dead stock by registration of a new part as a aready registered part?

Q4.  Can you manage a same part material in terms of a unit price or an arrival day or the number of manufacture?

Q5.  In case of the spot order, after the registration of  the order received, do you register your order, the arrival of goods ,the shipment ?

Q6.  Can you manage the orders of the outside suppliers and the raw materials smoothly, when your company orders to the outside suppliers to convert those materials for your customer's request?

Q7.  Can you calculate instantaneously the proper order stock quantity on your computer system?

Q8.  When the operator mistakes, does your computer system act to a fail-safe automatically?

Q9.  Do you calculate the total of the sales at the end of a term after all the calculation is over? And, do you postpone the renewal of the data?.

Q10.  Have you ever encountered the strange data in the common sense of the industry or of the date that does not exist?

Q11.  Is there any troubles on the online network between head office and a branch office?

Q12.  Can you know the management judgment data when it is necessary, for example the the sales flow that is viewed from customer , part material's No. severally?

Q13. Is there the accordance in the total  accounts,  your debt , customers debt and balance of the unpaied drafts ?

Q14.  Can you manage the fund flow in accordance with the change of the bussiness result or the working funds?

Q15.  Does your computer system is flexible ?

Company outline

  Hattori Information System (Limited responsibility company)

  Representative : Tomomi Hattori

  Address : 315 2tyome Naruoka Midori-ku Nagoya city Japan

  Established at 1996

  Capital 30,000 dollars

  Employee : 3

Tel:052-876-5079 FAX:052-879-1034

Please contact to our company, if you are interested.