A Traditional Craft of Aichi

Akazuyaki (ceramics)
Tradition and creativity -- Leaping into the Future with Inherited Skill


The Akazuyaki industry with all of the warmth of history consists mainly of domestic factories. Most of the techniques have been transmitted by word of mouth and swaythed in secrecy, such as is the case with "Chikura-koshi", a method of making the glaze typical of Akazuyaki from Chikura stone. The craftwork was restored by Shuntai Kato, and now, it is making the greatest leap ever in its history. Basic techniques and skill are being recorded and stored not as individual properties but as the industry's common assets. Each craftsman is devoting his originality, creativity and effort to Akazuyaki.

Under the leadership of Akazuyaki Industry Cooperative, the industry is taking action in securing raw materials, training successors, and securing and expanding the market.

Materials traditionally used
  1. Clay: "Motoyama kibushi clay", "Akazu gairome clay", "Akazu hill earth", or other clay of similar quality
  2. Feldspar used as glaze: "Chikura" or other materials of similar quality
Manufacturing districts
Seto City
Date when designated as a traditional craft
March 30, 1977
Numbers of business establishments and workers
41 establishments and 126 workers
Major products
Tea ceremonial goods, flower vases, liquor cups, and tableware for Japanese-style restaurants