A Traditional Craft of Aichi

Toyohashi Writing Brushes
The heart and soul of the Japanese people

Toyohashi Writing Brushes

Toyohashi writing brushes are used for calligraphy, Japanese painting, craftwork and office work. In the course of civilization, mechanization is being advanced in every field. On the other hand, there is a tendency among people to respect the subtle touch of hand, such as hand-made or hand-drawn things, and more and more people love the feel of writing brushes.

The craftwork of Toyohashi writing brushes was established by Jinzaemon Suzuki and has forged a way in its own field, withstanding many severe trials. Together with the traditional craftsmen who endeavor to improve their excellent skills even further, the craftwork will bring the heart and soul of the Japanese people into the future.

Materials traditionally used
  1. Bristles: fur of goat, horse, raccoon dog, weasel, deer, cat, flying squirrel, squirrel, marten or other animal fur of similar quality
  2. Handle: bamboo or wood
Manufacturing districts
Cities of Toyohashi, Toyokawa, Gamagori, and Shinsiro
Towns of Kosakai and Mito in Hoi County,
and Towns of Tawara and Atsumi in Atsumi County
Date when designated as a traditional craft
December 15, 1976
Numbers of business establishments and workers
90 establishments and 340 workers
Major products
Toyohashi Writing Brushes