A Traditional Craft of Aichi

Nagoya Kuromontsuki-zome (dyeing process for black crested kimono)
From hand to hand -- Passing on skill and beauty

Nagoya Kuromontsuki-zome

Many people wear a kuromontsuki, or a black crested kimono, as a formal dress on ceremonial occasions. Being made completely by hand, kuromontsuki-dyed kimono is incomparable in warm touch and durableness.

In order to preserve and hand down the technique and skill for making such a wonderful product, the industry is now focusing on the training and guidance of successors under the leadership of the Cooperatives Association.

Materials traditionally used
Cloth: silk textile
Manufacturing districts
Cities of Nagoya and Nishio,
and Shikatsu Town in Nishikasugai County
Date when designated as a traditional craft
April 27, 1983
Numbers of business establishments and workers
22 establishments and 77 workers
Major products
kimono material