A Traditional Craft of Aichi

Okazaki Stonemasonary
Modest Passion -- Challenging the Future

Okazaki Stonemasonary

Surrounded by stone, stonemasons in Okazaki are quietly handling stone, seeking faith and mental nourishment. To make a kasuga-style standing garden lantern, for example, there are 48 processes from making the foundation to the completed product. With his passion subdued in his small knife, a stonemason works on stone by following the traditional technique and skill that create subtlety out of lines and curves to provide our present-day life with a warm light in a modern style.

Materials traditionally used
Stone: Okazaki granite
Manufacturing districts
Okazaki City
Date when designated as a traditional craft
August 3, 1979
Numbers of business establishments and workers
169 establishments and 235 workers
Major products
Stone garden lantern