A Traditional Craft of Aichi

Seto Sometsukeyaki
The heart and work to draw -- Noble-minded beauty is pursued

Seto Sometsukeyaki

A many-layers thing process is required for completion of the Seto Sometsukeyaki.

I am manufacturing with the tradition capacity which built to each of the processes, put the heart as a hand, and was cultivated many years.

Seto-shi is known as a place of production of world leading clay -- the influence of painter was deeply received in the foundation made by clay peculiar to Seto, and the Seto Sometsukeyaki has developed uniquely In order to protect and raise the traditional technology and capacity which continues continuously and to develop more, as a place of production, it endeavors after study and tackles in quest of the new beauty with a stain on the basis of tradition.

Materials traditionally used
Clay: "Sanage feldspar", "Motoyama kibushi clay", "Motoyama gairome clay", or other clay of similar quality
Manufacturing districts
Cities of Seto and Owariasahi
Date when designated as a traditional craft
March 14, 1997
Numbers of business establishments and workers
38 establishments and 261 workers
Major products
Tea ceremonial goods, flower vases, liquor cups, and tableware for Japanese-style restaurants