A Traditional Craft of Aichi

Nagoya Kiritansu (chest of drawers made of paulownia wood)
The Discerning eye

Nagoya Kiritansu

High-class chests of drawers made of paulownia wood are durable for many years while retaining their natural beauty. With recent changes in lifestyle, Western-style furniture made of plywood is mass-produced and becoming the main stream.

In the midst of such a trend, the Nagoya Kiritansu industry consisting of fifteen cooperative members is making an aggressive effort to train young successors for the next generation, inform the public about paulownia chests of drawers and emphasize the merit of the traditional chests.

Materials traditionally used
  1. Wood: Paulownia
  2. Nail: Nails made of hiba or other materials of similar quality
  3. Metal fittings: Copper, copper alloy or iron
Manufacturing districts
Cities of Nagoya and Kasugai
Date when designated as a traditional craft
June 22, 1981
Numbers of business establishments and workers
3 establishments and 20 workers
Major products
Chests of drawers made of paulownia wood