A Traditional Craft of Aichi

Passion and Determination


People who visit Tokoname for the first time will be surprised to find Tokonameyaki (a kind of ceramics) on every corner of the street.

A Tokonameyaki ceramist sitting before his raw materials feels the history of 900 years and his fingertips follow the traditional technique with unswaying determination.

Tokonameyaki Cooperative is making every effort to bear fruit from such zeal. In November every year, for example, a promotional exhibition is held in order to establish technical designs and improve quality.

Such endeavors by the industry fits with the trend of the times and makes Tokonameyaki very popular at home and abroad.

Materials traditionally used
  1. Potter's clay: "Fuki clay", "Itayama clay", "Kowa clay", "shale clay", or other materials of similar quality
  2. Feldspar and silica rock used as glaze: "Sanage feldspar", "Mikawa silica rock", or other materials of similar quality
Manufacturing districts
Cities of Handa, Tokoname, and Chita
Date when designated as a traditional craft
June 2, 1976
Numbers of business establishments and workers
252 establishments and 1,070 workers
Major products
Tea ceremonial goods, flower vases, liquor cups, ornaments, flowerpots, and tableware