A Traditional Craft of Aichi

Nagoya Yuzen (dyeing)
Nagoya Yuzen

Nagoya Yuzen

The patterns of Nagoya yuzen that reflect the local character of the Nagoya district have always been loved together with its subdued taste. In today's busy life, demand for Japanese clothes, or kimono, is declining year by year, but beauty and elegance survive and enrich our lifestyle.

In order to hand down this beauty to future generations, Nagoya yuzen industry is making an aggressive effort to train successors and develop new products under the leadership of the cooperatives Association.

Materials traditionally used
Cloth: silk textile
Manufacturing districts
Cities of Nagoya, Kasugai, and Nishio;
and Shikatsu Town in Nishikasugai County
Date when designated as a traditional craft
April 27, 1983
Numbers of business establishments and workers
18 establishments and 46 workers
Major products
Furisode (long-sleeved kimono), homongi (semi-ceremonial kimono), tomesode (formal kimono), and kimono material